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Image - Stephen Hood - esp technologies group

Stephen Hood

managing director
At the helm for the past 15 years, he has seen esp confidently through intensive change from screen printers, to a leading contender in the high quality digital print market place.
A lover of traditional English food matched with exceptional red wine.

Image - Graham Bearne - esp technologies group

Graham Bearne

An apprentice background in screen printing, Graham moved with the times and now heads the estimating department for both digital and screen printing. Respected highly for his problem solving approach towards today’s requirements for print.
Motorbikes are his passion

Image - Jamie Ives - esp technologies group

Jamie Ives

Jamie a father of two, is the sharpest colour matcher in the industry. Somehow he manages to produce colours that are considered impossible by the manufacturers of the printers themselves.
Sports cars were once the dream until he could not fit a baby seat in the back

Image - Matthew Hood - esp technologies group

Matthew Hood

With over 7 years experience in digital printing, a keen eye for detail and a logical way of thinking Matt now takes charge of our production schedule.
His annual holiday is spent skiing in Canada where he is able to relax and enjoy the powder snow.

Image - Chris Nutbeam - esp technologies group

Chris Nutbeam

Originally coming from photographic reproduction background, Chris moved into the inkjet production side of graphics for exhibitions 10 years ago. Now handling our South Eastern customers he is able to offer an incredible level of expertise in this crucial area of corporate graphics.
A family man with the recent addition of a grand daughter keep him busy.

Image - Bryn Muller - esp technologies group

Bryn Muller

customer services
Customer service skills combined with extreme troubleshooting, that is the life of a production controller. Bryn adds his own style to a role which has beaten many. If Bryn had his own way there would only be one football team in the world. Liverpool.

Image - Liz Deamer - esp technologies group

Liz Deamer

customer services and credit control
A pillar of the esp machine, always cheerful and reliable. If you visit the premises you will see that she is the perfect person to greet you when you walk through the doors.

Image - James Bird - esp technologies group

James Bird

The original stealth employee. Highly patient, a steady hand and an eye for things if they don’t look quite right. Highly skilled in all finishing methods esp provide and happy when at the helm of a sailing boat.

Image - Steve Weston - esp technologies group

Steve Weston

Always on hand to keep the quality standards of esp screen printing in front, where it has been for many years. Steve can hold a tune and apply humour when it is needed most. Recently married, he appreciated the wilds of Africa on his honeymoon.

Image - Jon Page - esp technologies group

Jon Page

Initially finding his printing feet within an operational role at esp, Jon now has a firm grasp for all esp marketing activities and development. When not involved with projects he is more often than not found in the mountains of France and New Zealand climbing and skiing.

Image - Simon Hall - esp technologies group

Simon Hall

With a professional and dedicated print career, Simon has had exposure to a wide selection of print formats. Embracing the new digital technology is when he is at his happiest. This enthusiasm can also be found in the gym and when behind the wheel of a sports car.

Image - Jamie Stewart - esp technologies group

Jamie Stewart

From a design background, a hard working and determined individual, Jamie is always looking for innovative ideas to perfect and develop his role. He has a healthy obsession with fitness, and a passion for music including the under appreciated instrument, the banjo.

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