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Bringing Duratrans into the 21st Century, leave the competition behind as you enter the new era of backlit display graphics with colourtrans™ from esp.

In an area where showing an exceptional difference is a challenging proposition, esp offer your target audience the most visually stunning light box display graphics available.

colour purity

esp colourtrans™ produces pure, rich, sparkling images which transfers light into the energy of colour, and makes your image pop.

In a retail market often defined by visual first impressions, esp invite you to capture your customers with the use of colourtrans™ and gain a crucial advantage over your competition.

spiritual clarity

Connect with your customers in crisp, clear, vivid colour. This new technology has been developed to excite and stir the visual senses. Imagine being stood before a stained glass window with the sun’s light streaming through – now, with colourtrans™ it is possible to communicate with this level of colour energy.


The true depth, purity and luminescence of the original image is captured and brought to the eyes of the consumer. Perfect and precise colour reproduction allows your image to be displayed with emotion, style and impact.

please consider

  • finished size
  • quantity
  • usage
  • sealed or otherwise
  • artwork formats
  • colour references

technical aspects

Only exclusive high quality backlit film materials are used. Printing using our water based inkjet printer to a resolution of 2400dpi. Additional matt film lamination is applied for extended durability and smoothness of appearance.

a brief history of duratrans

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