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what is a Duratrans?

In todays market place it has become accepted that a Duratrans simply refers to any graphic image which is backlit.

- 1950s

Duratrans was originally developed by Kodak. Exposure through a photographic process onto an emulsion coated translucent plastic base allowed simple installation onto a light box for illumination of the durable transparency.

- 2001

Development in the past 6 years has been extensive. In its early phases inkjet prints onto flexible materials to be backlit produced mixed results. Compared with the original process, resolution was weak and some colours did not visually carry when illuminated.

- 2007

Further developments of both substrates and now water based inks, have created colourtrans. A new visual dimension of colour within the backlit image industry.

esp colourtrans now offers you a purity of colour which is rich and vibrant when illuminated. This new technology produces results which truly harness the power of colour in your displays.

Text is finally crisp and legible, solid colours clear and vibrant, skin tones and in particular natural details such as eyes and lips now pop giving the target audience a greater impression of the power of illuminated colour.

- today

esp colourtrans is the future for internal use, digitally printed backlit images.

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